Ricoh Theta - the best 360° cameras for Evryplace

Transfer 360° photos and videos, directly from the camera to the Evryplace editor.
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Experience the world in 360°

Take photos and record videos of the entire space with the touch of a button. Show the whole space in one shot and turn photospheres into virtual walks.

Handling ease

Thanks to two ultra-wide-angle lenses on both sides of the device, you can photograph any space from all sides.

Thanks to the position of the lenses on both sides of the camera, photos and recordings are combined into one sphere, perfectly showing all the elements of space.

Just one press of the shutter - you don't have to worry about the angle, tilt, or camera settings. You don't need a smartphone or USB flash drive to save photos and videos.

Check an example of a photosphere.

Comfort thanks to integration.

Mobile applications for Android and iOS can connect wirelessly/automatically to Ricoh Theta cameras (models SC2, V, and Z1) and download 360 ° photos from them.

In the Evryplace mobile app, you can see the imported photos, select those you want to add to the presentation and send wirelessly to the Evryplace system. What if the camera wasn’t set perfectly vertical? That’s not a problem, because the editor will correct them automatically so that photos can be used in virtual walks.

What's more, with one click in the mobile application you can create a presentation outline containing uploaded photos. Thanks to this, all you have to do is name the scenes, connect them into a virtual walk, add descriptions and widgets, and ... Your presentation is ready to be sent to clients, published on websites and for setting a remote co-viewing.

360° cameras for every pocket

The Ricoh Theta camera lineup includes models created for both everyday use, and for professionals who use 360 ​​° spherical images in work and business.

Choose the best camera for you

Image quality comparison

See presentations of apartments created with Theta V and Theta Z1 cameras and decide which one is best for you. It is a perfect solution for shots both inside and outside the buildings, which is also used for health and safety inspections, on ongoing construction sites, in stores, or hotels.

Examples of presentations using photos taken with Theta V and Theta Z1 in various modes. Open in a new window

Ricoh Theta - 360 ° cameras for every budget

We present models of cameras integrated with Evryplace, from standard -taking basic photos perfectly, to flagship, which will meet the requirements even the most demanding real estate agents.

Theta SC2

A standard model that allows you to easily create high-quality images.

  • An affordable and easy to use camera that works great as a basic tool for taking 360 ° photos

  • Allows you to take natural-looking photos and videos

  • Very accurately processes combined/connected images

Theta V

An advanced model providing high-quality video, the best choice for agents.

  • Perfect for photos of apartments and virtual walks

  • The four-channel microphone records video from four different directions while recording video

  • Camera supports various shooting and taking photo scenarios thanks to many operating modes

Theta Z1

Flagship camera recommended for professionals, offering the best image quality of all cameras.

  • The ability to record high-quality 360 ° video and photos in RAW mode for professional processing

  • Produces incredibly realistic spherical video by 4K (3840 x 1920, 29.97fps) quality

  • Perfectly reduces noise and discoloration - also at night and in dimly lit rooms

What do I need to start?

Integrating the Ricoh Theta camera with the editor is incredibly easy. You can start creating your own presentations and share them in a few seconds.

Create an account

Set up an Evryplace accountand explore the possibilities of the editor with the free trial period. You can use all features of Evryplace for one month, free of charge!


Buy a camera

After registering at Evryplace, go to the online store, where you will find all the cameras from this website and a properly selected tripod.

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Create your own virtual tour

Take photos and create immersive virtual presentations. Share them on the Internet and always be one step ahead of your competition.

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*If you are a real estate agent, the combination of Asari and Evryplace is a complete solution for you. To help you go through these hard times, the free trial period of the Evryplace service in Asari is extended until the end of May 2020.